Experiments And Demonstrations From The Thermal Laboratory

Lead Generation In A Mobile Banner Ad

Most who work in the lead generation business know conversion rates may be improved by reducing the number of steps involved with the conversion funnel. One way to reduce the number of steps in the process is to change display advertisements from the static GIF format into an HTML-based ad and then capture lead data in the ad unit itself. However, is capturing lead generation data inside a mobile display advertisement possible? I say, yes!

The banner ad below does not use Flash. CSS and hand-coded JavaScript control the animation. In this ad unit, I integrated inline form validation by combining custom scripts with two open source form validation frameworks. Inline validation has been proven to increase conversion rates in A/B tests. In addition, I designed this ad using mobile best practices. For example, when you click the zip code field on a mobile device the numeric keyboard will pop up. This reduces input errors by only allowing the user to type numbers. The cursor will then automatically jump to the next field after 5 numbers have been entered.

Click the “i” tab below to see this in action.