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John Timble

My areas of technical expertise include Web & Mobile UX design, WordPress deployments, PHP, Javascript and a wide range of motion graphics programs. I have a full gamut of experience in the areas of digital product development and online marketing.

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999 and focused exclusively on pioneering Internet startups. After working on an online fitness trainer, a touch screen phone interface, and even developing my own web design software, I gained a vast amount of experience with working through the challenges of building a business from the ground up.

When I joined the Exponential Interactive ad network as the 10th employee, they did not have any marketing personnel, web developers, nor creative staff. I assumed all of those roles for 2 years and provided creative services for numerous clients. Furthermore, I developed new creative tactics that drastically increased the click and conversion rates for Exponential’s clients’ ad campaigns. Four years after I joined the company, it was grossing over $100 million annually and had over 200 employees in 5 countries.

A group of former Exponential employees branched off and started Tightrope Interactive. While at Tightrope, I managed a team of 4 designers and 2 copywriters. In addition, I developed a rapid WordPress templating and deployment process and was responsible for deploying over 100 profitable direct marketing campaigns and display ad campaigns. The big take away from my experience at Tightrope was learning how to manage requests from over a dozen project stakeholders, while simultaneously setting up a scalable creative infrastructure.

In the most recent months, I have been training myself in mobile design. I completed training in various responsive (mobile) web development frameworks and have continued to grow my large library of code and visual design components.

Please contact me if you want to discuss working together. I am open to contracting arrangements but will give precedence to full time opportunities.

If you want to follow my projects you can follow my Facebook page here:

Thanks for reading.
John Timble

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